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Beginning The Wall St. Journey

Owned and published by alkeyTAB Pro
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Are you new to investing in stocks? Or have you made investments in the past, blindly, not knowing what you were doing? Lots of people have dabbled in investments in stocks and shares but many fall at the first hurdle and back off when their stock takes a nosedive.

The current economic climate is not for the faint-hearted and things don’t look set to change much in the near future. So how do you decide which stock to invest in? It isn’t a game of close your eyes and stick a pin in, seeing where it lands. Investing in stocks, the right stocks, and the required strategies is what this guide is all about. Split into three main sections, this guide covers:
What you need to consider before deciding on a stock:
● Drawing up your personal financial roadmap
● Staying in your comfort zone
● Mixing investments
● Emergency funds
● And more

How to evaluate a company before investing:
● Earnings growth
● Stability
● Industry strength
● Debt-equality ratio
● Price-to earnings ratio
● Management
● Dividends
● And more

How to choose the right stock:
● Sticking with and buying what you know
● Price and valuation
● Financial health
● What NOT to do
● And more

Lastly, this book provides you with an eight-point checklist, things to follow before you take what could be one of the biggest steps of your life! If you are ready to dive into the shark-infested waters of stock investments, grab your lifebelt – this guide – and jump in. Click that Buy Now button and get started on a journey you won’t regret.

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