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Like you, we at alkeyTAB have purchased plenty of books in the past. We had every intention of reading them because we knew they contained important information and answers to many of my questions.

We rarely made it through a book! Because they were so lengthy… Now these books just collect dust and take up valuable space.

Can you relate?

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones who felt this way, so we developed a solution - alkeyTAB.

At alkeyTAB, we provide books the way you want them!

We’ve provided the answer for busy people with a thirst for knowledge. I hope you enjoy the site, and I wish you many happy reading experiences.

Here’s How We’re Different

We’re Concise

Our books are shorter without the fluff. You get the same content in an easier format.

We’re Simple

We use less-complicated wording. This is better for the 1 billion people worldwide with learning disabilities.

We’re Direct

Our wording is easily digestible. We get straight to the point to save you time.

Newest Books

Here you will find the most recent books added to our library. As you can see, our
collection spans a variety of categories. Happy browsing!


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If you think you have the potential of turning into a full-time photographer, you just need to acquire practical knowledge apart from developing your skills. This book can help you go from amateur to pro in time.


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Do you own things you don’t use anymore? Are you willing to let others use them? Have you been looking for ways to earn some money? Did you know you can rent your stuff to make some extra income? It’s probably not as difficult as you may think.


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Working Remotley

A lot of different people are shifting their attention toward remote working and freelancing, whether it's because they want to quit their day jobs or they are just seeking extra spending money. There are plenty of perks that come with working remotely,
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