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Balance vs. Spending

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Take a look at countries like the United States, Singapore, Japan, and Canada, and what do you see? That’s right, generally peaceful countries that provide many opportunities for personal, financial, and career success.

On the other hand, take a look at countries like Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Iran. What do you see? That’s right, low standards of living and unsafe living conditions.

If you compare the two groups of countries, what do you think spells the difference? That’s right; it’s the economy! Countries like the US, Singapore, Japan, and Canada all have thriving economies, and more importantly, their governments can sustain them. In countries like Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Iran, however, their economies are some of the poorest in the world, rendering their governments unable to take care of their citizens.

So, why are the economies of these two groups of countries vastly different? While there are lots of possible reasons for the difference, two stand out the most: Monetary and Fiscal Policies.

In this book Balance vs. Spending: Knowing Monetary And Fiscal Policy And Where They Differ, you will get a better idea of what makes some economies thrive and others dive by understanding monetary and fiscal policies. In particular, you’ll discover:

  1. What monetary and fiscal policies are;
  2. Their primary tools of the trade;
  3. Effects of monetary and fiscal policy decisions;
  4. Who is affected by these policy decisions;
  5. The politics of these two types of policies.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a solid understanding and appreciation for monetary and fiscal policies. Get your copy now!

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