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The Biggest Innovation Just Ahead

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Brain-Machine interfaces will soon be a part of our daily lives, and we will be more connected to human-machines. Brain-Machine interfaces are probably going to be the most revolutionary thing that has happened since we switched from the horse to the car.

Brain-machine interfaces not only enhance the human body and mind, but they also help people who have certain diseases and impairments live a richer and more meaningful life. Even though it is a fairly new technology, its uses are numerous, and applications to all fields of science are possible.

This book covers all of the histories this technology has, as well as all the future this technology can have. This technology is widely known to be used for entertainment purposes, but this book focuses on the more important therapeutic and curative applications.

This technology uses a lot of research from neuroscience. However, ironically it is a go-to method to study the brain and all the functions of the brain. We look at the different parts of the brain, what functions they have, and how they can be measured in order to interest brain-machine technology.

This book covers details on the security of these devices, and whether or not they can be hacked. If there is a possibility for a breach of security, how can we be sure that cognitive, memory and similar functions of the brain won’t be manipulated in any way?

Finally, we go into detail on how immersive systems that are controlled by brain-machine interfacesare beneficial to healthy or impaired individuals. Moreover, how augmented and virtual reality can improve our skills and perceptions, which are applicable to real-life. There is a lot of success in therapeutic applications, but, for now, this technology is very controversial and is regarded as entertainment technology. This book shows how wrong this is, and how we can change this view and implement it in all fields of human life.

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