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Electroconvulsive Therapy

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Mental Illness is a subject that a lot of people are ignorant about, and they have the wrong perceptionand ideas about the condition. Ask someone about mental illness, and his or her understanding is sufficiently ignorant as to believe this is all about insanity. But mental illness goes beyond being insane. It manifests itself in many symptoms that people are unaware of.

Many of the causes of mental illness are not known. Over the years, various possible theories have been kicked around, but the cure for mental illness is unknown. What is known and what has varied over the years are the numerous methods that have been employed to relieve and reduce the symptoms of mental illness. A World Health Organization (WHO) report puts the number of people who have a mental disorder at one in four.

This book, Electroconvulsive Therapy:Sparking Mental Health & Its History Will take a closer look at mental illness from a wider perspective. The book goes back in time to examine the history, beliefs, and perceptions about mental illness from as far back as 7000 BC. It also examines the various methods that have been used over time for treating the disorder. These include trephination, hysteria, bloodletting, and purging (or humorism), witch hunting, and many others. You will also gather information about:

– What ECT is and the history of ECT
– Numerous mental illnesses and how they are treated
– The many methods used to treat mental illnesses, apart from ECT
– How ECT can be used to treat psychosis, paranoia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses
– The uses of ECT
– The risks and side effects of ECT
– How to mitigate the risks of ECT
– The advantages and disadvantages of ECT and more

The book also takes a critical look at Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) – its definition, history,techniques and procedures. The book further examines how Psychosis and Paranoia can be treated using ECT in addition to x-raying these disorders.

If you’re looking for a truth-telling, fact-based read on ECT, then you’ll want to read this latest edition.

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