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The Psychology of Colors

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This book is for individuals who are in search of selecting the right interior colors for their children as well as for themselves. Not many of us understand the importance of colors in our lives, especially regarding the psychological impact and developmental influence that colors have on us. Studies reveal that as soon as a baby is born, colors play an important part in development. They begin analyzing the world through monochromatic color schemes, and as their retinas develop further, the sense of brighter color and shades begins to form.

The purpose of this book is to consider the impact of color on human minds at various stages of life. It will enable parents to understand the colors that need to be included or dropped while decorating rooms for their children. Moreover, parents will also learn what age more vibrant colors can be added to the surroundings of their children and when to play around with patterns and color combinations to evoke emotions of happiness and excitement.
This book covers everything you need to know about the influence of colors and intelligent color selection for each area of the house. From bedrooms to bathrooms and even study areas, every space has been covered to help you find the right color, and color palette that will go well with your style, while considering the psychological influences of each color.

After reading this book, the reader will be able to understand that colors are not mere elements of nature but can be used for spatial and cognitive development of human beings from an early stage. Not all colors can be utilized in bedrooms, study, or play areas. Similarly, the portions of the house occupied by adults will have varied tastes and preferences. All of the factors to be considered while decorating a home or office are carefully presented within the book. We hope that the information and suggestions will enable readers to make informed decisions that can contribute toward the mental and physical development of their children. In addition, learning the psychology behind colors can help forever change your mood, your creativity, your sleep cycle, and ultimately your life.

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