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Contemporary Political Theory

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Equality is a concept that everyone enjoys today but do not really know how it came about. There were a lot of people in the past that helped this movement grow to this height. Some of them were philosophers who cared not only about themselves but the people who lived around them. These people wanted equality for their children and for their children’s children. They did not want the concept to end when they were laid to rest. A lot of people in the ‘90s hoped for equality almost every day of their lives, but found it, unfortunately, elusive. This just goes to show you how tough it was back then. There are still places today where equality is almost non-existent, and people literally have nothing to say about it. In this book, you will discover that:

1. Equality was a concept that was greatly fought for.
2. Freedom was a luxury for a lot of people.
3. People are not really who they say they are.
4. The government plays a huge role in everything that happens in a country,good or bad.
5. Everybody talks but few people speak.
6. If you speak up today, it will make a huge difference tomorrow.
7. Every movement made in the past had a very significant reason.

This book also comes with:

1. The advantages of inequality.
2. Ways to avoid inequality.
3. Reasons why certain movements were made in the past.
4. The importance of multiculturalism.
5. Views of great philosophers on a lot of social movements.

There are a lot of books that will describe all the movements made by a lot of
people in the past, but not all of them have described all these movements from
the perspective of great philosophers. If you are the kind of person that is looking
for a book that will not only enlighten you but make you understand at the same
time, then you are at the right place. You are literally not going to find any book
or article that will be as detailed as this one.

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