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The Political Problem At Hand

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Like many Americans, you’re probably wondering how we got to this polarized place in the political life of the nation. You know something’s wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.
The Political Problem At Hand: A Journey Through The Democratic & Republican Parties & What Holds Us Back seeks to provide a response. Americans, by and large, are deeply rooted in the mythology and folklore of our country.
The old tropes are dear to us and yet they’re far too often deployed in the service of ideology in the political world. And while the signature/core policies of both parties are ostensibly geared to the wellbeing of the American people, ideology insinuates itself, making bipartisan progress difficult – at times impossible. How much of that has to do with political parties and their machinery and how much of it has to do with us? Where do these ideologically driven contentions which hypnotize us come from?
This book outlines how the two major political parties have traded places, policy-wise, where they both stand now and how history informs us that the policies of the Democrats and Republicans have become tainted by ideology. We’ll cover how that happened, how it distorts policy and how our own, personal beliefs are often exploited in the service of one party or the other ascending to power.
Take a trip through American history, mythology and political history with me. Read about what the two parties stand for. Then, find out what you can do to help our nation reach a more perfect Union, which has been liberated from ideology in government.

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