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The balance of power between the nations of the world is highly dependent on how well they use diplomacy. In today’s world where a single wrong move can shift the scale of power in another direction, diplomacy serves a vital role. It is because of this role that there exist different types of diplomacy today.

With this book, Diplomacy: The Importance & Evolution Of Diplomacy, these different types of diplomacy will be discussed thoroughly with real-life events as examples. In addition, some essential information about diplomacy is also included, such as history, objectives, tracks, among others.
This book contains a total of 18 chapters. But, to make things easier to understand, these chapters have been divided into three parts.

In PART ONE, you will get an overview of diplomacy. It is broken down into chapters containing information on how diplomacy works in international relations, its nature in politics, objectives, brief history with specific examples, and the commonly used methods of conflict resolution.

For PART TWO, you will discover the three main tracks of diplomacy and a fourth track that covers more flexible implementation. These tracks come with practical situational examples for better understanding.
PART THREE covers each of the types of diplomacy. The types of diplomacy included are only the most pertinent ones throughout history, as well as some new ones that fit the modern age. They come with situational examples for better contextualization.

This book can be a useful reference for both students and teachers who wish to know more about diplomacy and its types. It can be a valuable reference for those who want to have a more detailed take on diplomacy, especially on the types of diplomacy and how they work and for those looking to understand the art of diplomacy.

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