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The Magic Of Food, Water & Weight

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Exercise, diet, and water are three of the major contributors within our control that can affect every aspect of our lives. Mismanagement of weight, water, or food can wreakhavoc. Disease, depression and obesity are just a few of the common problems that arise when we don’t get enough exercise, water, or proper nutrition.

Likewise, these are also common problems when we have excessive eating and exercise. Yes, it can be a tricky balance to keep a body maintained!

So, if exercise makes us feel better, live longer and decreases our chances of chronic disease, then why don’t we do it? If we can help prevent illness by simply eating a healthy diet and drinking an adequate amount of water, why do we continue to resist?

If you have ever wondered why obesity is an epidemic in the United States, the picture has become clear. Americans love sugar, fats and carbs. They love sugar so much so that they are willing to risk their physical and mental health in order to consume an unhealthy diet. Depression, suicide, addiction and obesity are on the rise. Social isolation and mental health issues continue to increase. And surprisingly, food, weight, and water can all be contributing factors. These factors are often overlooked, to our detriment.

Can health and wellbeing really be as simple as water, food and weight? Now is the time to find out. You might be surprised.

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