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The Gold Market

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Are you thinking about investing in gold? Wondering what it’s all about? Is it gold a solid investment or a myth?
The gold market can be traced back for centuries. Once the primary method of trading, gold evolved over the years, and as the price of it rose the number of countries and individuals that held it dropped as they sold it to make money.

The smaller countries who held gold in reserve needed money, so they sold their gold. The bigger countries, just a few of them, became the main holders of the precious metal. In the early days, gold was turned into coins; these days, most people hold their reserves in the form of gold bars and some gold coins.

The current day gold market revolves around gold as a commodity, not as a currency, and trading is steady. The price rises and falls regularly, making it one of the more exciting commodities to get involved with.

In this book, you will learn:
• The history of the gold standard
• About the current gold market
• All about gold mining, where and how it’s done
• About gold as an investment
• How gold has affected global economies
• Why you should consider investing in gold
• How to get started
• And a lots more!

Set off on a fascinating journey from ancient Egypt right up to current times and lose yourself in the history of one of the most intriguing metals of all time.

If you are thinking about investing in gold, then hit that Buy Now button and get the only guide you will ever need.

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