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Stemming The Future

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Have you ever wondered what stem cells are? Why is there so much of interest about it? What do they do?
And what is induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)? Are they different from normal stem cells?
Why are stem cell banks continuously urging everyone to store their stem cells which can be used in the future to cure diseases?
Do you want to understand the seemingly complex topic of stem cells and iPSCs in an easy-to-understand and simple language? If yes, then you have come to the right place.
The discovery of stem cells initially followed by the discovery of iPSCs is considered to be a revolution and an important milestone in the field of medicine. Stem cell research and therapy is one of the most promising sectors in the biomedical field. This fascinating topic, however, is not really understood by everyone. This book gives you some answers to the following questions:
● What are stem cells and what are their functions?
● How many types of stem cells are there?
● Why are they so special?
● How do stem cells help in the repair and maintenance of tissues?
● How can the study of stem cells help us understand the growth and development in our body?
● What are blood stem cells?
● What is the actual meaning of bone marrow transplant? How does it help cancer patients?
● In the midst of all the above questions and more, where do induced pluripotent stem cells fit in?
Click here to buy this book and find out more about the intriguing and fascinating subject of stem cells, in general, and induced pluripotent stem cells, in particular.

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