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Sigmund Freud

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This book is aimed to provide knowledge about the man who is known for his works in the field of psychology and beyond. The name Sigmund Freud doesn’t need any introduction. His works laid the very foundation of modern-day psychology. Though many followers had different opinions about his work, many regard him as the father of mental illness treatment.

Not many prominent people are known outside the field of psychology, like Fechner, Wundt & Titchener. But Freud, having been featured on the cover of Time magazine three times, is still a household name.

In this book, we’ll go through the life of the genius during which he achieved numerous milestones that made his work eternal. We will peak into his famous case studies and theories that elaborated on the study of human behavior.

Freud undoubtedly would have agreed that he is one of the handfuls of individuals pivotal in the history of civilization that has altered the way humans think about themselves. We will also look into the works of the self-proclaimed “Obsessional Neurotic” who related to the unconscious mind (the study of dreams).

Once you have read the study of his works, we will then have a look at the criticism Freud received for his theories and research methods. Not to forget the curious cases of Anna O and Little Hans.

This book also gives you a handful of knowledge about the Neo-Freudians who expanded the works of this genius doctor. As a whole, this book ensures that anyone having the hunger to learn about the breakthrough studies of the man himself will surely not be disappointed. The book is arranged in a way that will take you on a psychology ridden rollercoaster ride. Any psychology student reading this book will begin to understand that the works of this genius are astonishingly the very foundation of modern-day psychology. His works continue to influence our understanding of human behavior, even today.

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