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Python – The Power To Learnis a must-read for anyone who is in any way related to programming. This book gives a basic understanding of Python as a language and proves why Python is the language of the decade. The book discussesthe applications of Python in detail and also talks about who should focus on which application.

Have you ever been just too confused about what to do with a programming language and/or wondered what would be the best way to learn the language? Well, then this book has come to your rescue. As an added advantage, this book lists out a curated set of online free and paid courses that have been proven to be a great learning resource. All of these courses are verified and have been highly researched. Go from Zero to Hero in Python, and what better way to start your journey with the language of Python than through this book!

This book will help all those who are newbie programmers, wannabe Machine Learning experts, wannabe Artificial Intelligence experts and Web Developers. This book is the best solution to the “Where do I start from?” problem faced by most beginners. And if you still haven’t caught on to the Python craze, it’s about time- what are you waiting for? Grab this book and get started on this amazing and high-paying journey known as Python!

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