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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to comprehend the vast and limitless expanse of philosophy? Have you felt like you simply don’t understand this seemingly mind-boggling subject? It seems like a thousand-headed snake that has coiled itself into so many layers that you are not just wondering where to start but are also afraid to touch this ‘dangerous’ creature.

Even if you are not scared as much as confused about where to begin to study philosophy and what path to take, then you have come to the right place. This book is a brief introduction to the history of philosophy that starts from the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans and takes you right up to the present day. The following questions are answered in this book:

● What is philosophy, and when did it start?
● What are the different kinds of philosophies, and why are they so different?
● Who are the important contributors to this subject?
● Is philosophy a solely western concept, or was it discussed in other parts of the world?
● What kind of effects did philosophers have on each other?
● How did the subject develop? What were the questions asked during the initial stages?
● What are the questions that are being sought in the present day?

Typically, philosophy and philosophers are seen as brooding kind of people who don’t know how to have a good life. Yes, while some were the brooding and serious kind, there were happy people, too, who enjoyed learning about and imbibing the theories of various philosophies from across the world.

This book is only the tip of an iceberg. What lies beyond it, beneath it, and all around it is what you must begin to explore. So, go ahead and order this simple-language piece of work that hopes to kindle your interest in this wonderfully fascinating topic.

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