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John Nash

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Most people have heard of brilliant scientists such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Alan Turing, men who carried humanity into new horizons during the 20th Century. Among these famous names, John Forbes Nash was one of the most important figures of this era. He may not be as well known, but Nobel Prize winner John Nash did groundbreaking work that shaped modern Economics and made a serious impact on many other fields. Nash was as great of a mathematician as Albert Einstein, with a life as troubled as Stephen Hawking’s. Suffering from schizophrenia, this man had to overcome many difficult challenges. John Nash´s life story is an inspiring tale for every person, with a strong message about human struggle, and our capacity to face even the most difficult obstacles. In this book, there’s much to learn about one of the most gifted minds of the past century.
• You will get a deep look into John Nash’s personality.
• You will learn about the path that he took to become such a remarkable and celebrated person.
• You will get clear explanations about his work in economics and mathematics, such as ¨The Nash Equilibrium¨ and ¨The Bargaining Problem¨
• You will learn about important scientific theories such as ¨The Game Theory¨ and the way they have changed different fields forever.
• You will look at John Nash’s struggle with schizophrenia and the prejudices he had to face because of it at the time.
• How a man sunk by mental illness and left to oblivion would later become a Nobel Prize winner and one of the most celebrated figures of the 20th century.

Read this book and you will learn everything you need to know about John Nash, and why he is so important today.

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