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History of Psychology

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Are you fascinated by the subject of psychology, and yet don’t know where to begin learning about it? Does the mumbo-jumbo, and jargon, such as behaviorism, functionalism, cognition, structuralism, etc. confuse and befuddle you even as you struggle to come to terms with this amazing topic? Well, if these questions and more about psychology are plaguing you, then you have come to the right place.
This book is about the history of psychology and is the perfect place to begin your exploration of this vast, limitless topic, taking you through the ancient philosophers and their ideas right from about 500 B.C. to the 21st century. This book covers all aspects of psychology as it moved from its hoary origins in the field of philosophy to find its own dedicated niche. You will find detailed descriptions, answers, and explanations for the following questions in this book:
● What is psychology, and when did it start?
● How did psychology evolve from ancient times to today?
● Who are the people responsible for its growth and development?
● What kind of timeline are we considering when talking about the evolution and growth of this subject?
● What do all the different schools of thought in psychology actually mean? What are their beliefs and theories? Who are the founders of these schools of thought? Were they in conflict with each other? If so, how?
● Are ideas and theories in psychology provable?
And finally, where does psychology stand today, and what kinds of careers are available in this field? What is the potential of psychology in the future of humankind? Will it end or will it breathe its last bit of air sooner rather than later?
Read on and find out the answers to all the above questions and more. The field of psychology is fascinating and wonderful. So, go ahead and click the Buy Now button to travel the fascinating journey through the history of psychology

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