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Color Making Profit

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This guide to color psychology will appeal to designers, marketers, salespersons, and businesses. Over the past three decades, interest has grown in our thirst to understand how color impacts our lives. This is of particular interest to people who work within consumer industries. Hundreds of start-up companies appear on the internet every day, and many falls to the bottom of the heap, having gone unnoticed in the overcrowded world of sales and commerce. This book takes readers on a journey through the color spectrum, introducing them to the psychology and theory behind the attitudes, trends, and decision-making processes of the average consumer. Color produces emotions in the human brain which causes people to buy impulsively, to err on the side of caution, or just downright refuse to be taken in by the hype surrounding the many products on sale in the global marketplace.

Did you know that the color orange plays a monumental role in how much traffic arrives on your website? Use green for your call to action button, and you may not see any traffic on your website. Use yellow or orange, and your sales could improve significantly. Each chapter considers one color, the psychology behind it, and the actions you should take to incorporate it into your branding or sales pitches. Trends come and go. Color can be subjective, but the information and advice contained within the pages of this book will enable you to understand the science behind the color theory, and more importantly, help you to optimize your advantage in the market.

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