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Child Development

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In this highly-detailed, practical, and applicable book, we explore everything a parent needs to know about child development.

The understanding of child development is a basic, fundamental knowledge that every parent and potential parent should have, and this knowledge is exactly what we try to impart throughout the course of this book.

Children are little wonders; they develop quite rapidly from our little bundle of joy to adults who are able to make their own decisions and choose their own lives. However, not many parents understand the process behind this rapid growth development of children.

There are many different aspects of child development between the stages of infancy and adolescence, but do you really know what these aspects of development are and how they may influence your child’s academic, career, personal, and overall success in life?

Any minor obstruction in any areas of development in a child can have negative effects on the whole development process.Therefore, it is crucial for parents to understand child development.

Child development provides you with the knowledge and insights you can use to help facilitate a healthy and positive development process for your child.

Focusing on the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical aspects of development, this book will help you in your journey to build the foundation for a balanced, meaningful, successful, and connected life for your child.

The objective and goal of this book are quite evident: Help parents be positive pioneers and contributors to their child’s growth and success in life.

The best thing about this book is that it does not just contain the theoretical aspect of child development, but elaborates largely on the practical aspects by providing proven parenting tips and strategies with which parents can foster successful child development and growth.

What can you expect from this book?
• An elaborate and comprehensive explanation of child development, from many theoretical perspectives.
• The different stages of development; when they begin; and how they affect a child’s growth.
• How to help your child develop a strong sense of self.
• The ideal parenting style to help build an independent and strong-willed children.
• Strategies for promoting healthy self-esteem in your child.
• How to reduce the impact of peer pressure and TV media on your child development
• Helping children develop a sense of right and wrong
• Fostering and maintaining a positive relationship between you and your child

Without a proper resource to be your guide, parenting may turn out to be tougher than you anticipated. This book contains “everything you need to know” on raising a well-developed child.

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