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Antibiotics are weapons used against bacterial infections that have existed for millennia. The history of the first use of natural antibiotics was a long time ago, but the name and our common usage are only a little more than a century old.

Discover the world of antibiotics and how we came to understand how useful the natural components could be to help eradicate known diseases. Once you understand the past, you can view the present, how we arrived at the common antibiotics, their classes and types, and how to administer antibiotics.

You will discover that not all countries use the same names or classes, and some places do not have access to the synthetic and semisynthetic antibiotics we use in Western cultures.

Antibiotics are helpful for several bacterial infections, but they also have cautionary tales. Research studies indicate certain antibiotics can have significant side effects, called adverse reactions, including allergic reactions. Sometimes it is a combination of two antibiotics together, and at other times it is the person’s individual reaction.

By the end, you will understand:
• What an antibiotic is
• Who discovered it
• How antibiotics were discovered
• When they were found
• Where antibiotics are from or how they are created
• How they are used and administered
• The future of antibiotics
• How they have changed the course of history

You are also going to learn about adverse reactions, including antibiotic resistance that drug companies and physicians are dealing with now and will be dealing with in the future. You will come away from this lesson with an understanding of the future of antibiotics.

The future right now may be bleak when examining the current situation, but there are many hopeful researchers who wish to see antibiotic resistance lowered and new medications on the market when there have been none for decades. Antibiotics save us from deadly diseases and acute and chronic illnesses, but sometimes do not work for patients, which makes the entire story fascinating.

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