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Technology plays an influential part in all of our lives, and that includes how we read. In the past, if you wanted to read a book, you had to buy it or borrow it from a library or a friend. These days, we read differently, and most readers have opted to change their habits, choosing electronic books (eBooks) over traditional printed formats.Some authors choose to release their books in both formats, giving them the best of both worlds (or markets) while others choose one and stick to it.

The eBook market is huge. In 2019, the AAP (American Association of Publishers), dealing mostly with traditional book publishing, estimated that just over 14% of their sales were eBooks, but that number doesn’t account for the huge rise in the independent market. As of the end of January 2020, eBook sales were estimated at around 19% of global book sales, and by unit sales, i.e., the number sold, well, that stood at an impressive 36%. And we can expect that figure to continue to rise.

Most people automatically think of Amazon when we talk about eBooks, and some say that Amazon’s share of the eBook market stands at about 67%. Right now, there are significantly more than 6 million eBooks on Amazon alone, not counting other eBook marketplaces, such as Kobo, Smashwords, Lulu, Scribd, and the many other places where independent publishers can sell their creations.
So, given the number of eBooks there is, a large proportion of which are non-fiction, how do you choose which ones to read? A search for any given subject will net you thousands of books. Some of them will be well-written, well-researched works of art, and others will be nothing more than a poorly written tirade of someone’suneducated, rambling thoughts. Our books fall into the first category, and we want you to know why you can rely on our books, why our books will benefit you more than others, and how they are different from most of what you will see in the eBook market.

Let me show you.


If there is one thing that makes our books stand out above all others, it’s the fact that we not only do many hours of thorough research, but we also organize our books in an easy to read manner. First, we choose our subject carefully. We know what information we want to bring you and we work hard to deliver it to you in an organized, clear, and concise manner.
Many hours go into researching our topics. Our research isn’t just scrolling through Google to see what everyone else on the Internet has to say about the subject – we all know that we can’t believe a lot of what we read on the Internet. No, we do our research by reading scholarly articles on our chosen subject and by reading and reviewing other research. We also use our personal experiences. We have a wide and varied research team, and we always have someone that has personal experience on the subject we’re writing about. We also make sure we check our facts before we go to print or publishing– there’s nothing worse than publishing incorrect information, only to have your readers point it out in no uncertain terms. It’s embarrassing, and it not professional, and that leads to our next point.

Up to Date Information

During our research phase, one of the most important things we check is the date relating to the information we want to use. It’s not usually helpful to use data that is ten years old because for most subjects, information changes on a regular basis, and information can soon be out of date. Scientific, industrial, medical, and other types of research go out of date quickly, and the one common mistake we see in so many eBooks is quoting research and studies that happened many years ago.
We pride ourselves on making sure we only use the latest information available, and only what we can verify as being the truth.
But, we’re not done yet.


Organization is another important feature that we are mindful of. We have read some shocking books, so badly organized that the reader has no hope of making headsor tails of what’s in them. Organization is the key to any book, and the only way you can benefit from the information in a book is if it is laid out in an easy to read manner, with all the information in a logical order.
We use catchy but informative headings and subheadings, leaving you no doubt as to the content of each section. Our eBooks follow a natural order, flowing so that you can easily keep up and learn the information without having to jump from chapter to chapter in a disorganized manner. We keep each section short and to the point; relevant without waffling. You would be surprised at how many eBook writers use fluff and meaningless words just to fill the word count!

Top-Quality eBooks

Research, organization and using up to date information, all leads to a high-quality eBook. But there’s more to a good quality book than that. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, quality is important. The very last thing any writer wants is to publish a poor-quality book, but some do. And our customers are highly critical of our work. If there is anything wrong, you can bet your bottom dollar an eagle-eyed reader will spot it, point it out for all to see, and forever paint our brand in a negative light.
We care about what you, as a reader, think about the value you gain from our books. And that is why we put so much time into research and quality in order to ensure that we create a unique, valuable book that benefits everyone who reads it.
Wait, there’s more!


As we said, there are hundreds of thousands of non-fiction eBooks on the market right now, and they range in length from a few pages, too many hundreds of pages. Producing an eBook is a funny business – too short, and readers don’t really learn anything. But if a book is too long, then readers can get bogged down andreading becomes a laborious task. Our eBooks are extensive, but the information in them is relevant. We don’t produce reams and reams of technical information that the average person simply won’t understand. What we do produce is extensive information that is wholly relevant, reliable, and up to date. Our content is important – it isn’t waffle or fluff, but it is well-researched information that we know you will benefit from.
We spend hours, not just researching the content of the book, but working out how best to present it. We know that when you buy an eBook on a specific subject, you want to learn about it in as easy a way as possible. We take the time to get the information in the right order so that it flows well and is easy to follow. But we also understand that you don’t want information overload, so we try to find that sweet spot of just the right amount of information to keep you interested and informed, but we take care not to leave you feeling like you’re reading a textbook.

Simple, Clear, Concise

Yes, we use technical terms when needed. But we also give a clear and concise definition of the terms, and we explain them in layman’s terms. At the end of the day, we want people to enjoy reading our books. We also want you to come away feeling like you have learned from the books, and we you to feel likeyou can buy any of our eBooks and read them with confidence.
You won’t find long pieces of text that simply don’t mean anything or make any sense. We make good use of a team of beta readers, which are independent people who read through our work before we publish it. Why? Because we want to know that the books are clear to read, easy to understand, and that anyone can pick up one of our eBooks and be confident that they will understand it.
Still with me?

Good, read on for more reasons why our eBooks benefit you more than any other in the eBook market today.

Why eBooks? Why Not Traditional Printed Books?

We choose to release our books in eBook format for several reasons.
We can bring you any subject, any topic you fancy, in just seconds, straight to your reading device, regardless of what it is. And most eBook readers have several built-in features you can’t get with a traditional book. Most of the latest devices have backlights built in – no more having to switch the light on if you want to read late into the night. Need to stop reading? Don’t worry about having to bookmark your page; your eReader will do that for you, picking up exactly where you left off last time.
And there’s a dictionary built-in too. While we do our very best to explain scientific or technical terms in simple language, the eReader has a dictionary to assist you in checking the definition of any word you want. Cool, right?

You can access your book anywhere you want without having to lug heavy books around with you. And, even better, you can carry all of your eBooks with you at the same time. That’s right. You can build up the perfect mobile library! And, if you have more than one device, you can download our eBooks to every device, and you only pay for one copy of the book.
For our visually impaired readers, digital books are a perfect chose. Can’t see the words well enough? No problem. Simply enlarge them with one or two simple adjustments. No need to purchase large print books anymore!

And, perhaps one of the most important reasons, given the current global climate, eBooks are friendly to the environment. There’s no need for any of the paper printing, the ink, the machinery needed to produce print books, and we get to produce one copy and sell it as many times as we like – with no need for print runs! The estimate for printed books published yearly is over 2 million – got any idea how many trees that takes? Over 3 million – every year. Wow! And, we also save on the carbon footprint because there’s no need to transport any raw materials, no production process, and no shipping to worry about.

Let’s move on.

What’s Important to You is Important to Us

Informed customers become loyal followers, and happy customers spread the word for us. Finding the customers is the hard part, but that’s why we put so much work into our eBooks. Not only do we want to attract informed customers, but we also want to educate everyone in the easiest way possible. We love knowledge and we want to share it!
Our eBooks serve a critical purpose, and there are several important ways you can benefit from them:

● Fast downloads – buy our eBooks from any online platform, and you get super-fast downloads directly to your reading devices.

● Accessible – it doesn’t matter what reading device you choose – Kindle, Nook, tablet, even your computer – our books are accessible by anyone, as long as you are connected to the internet. And you don’t even have to stay connected – once you have downloaded our book, switch off your Internet and enjoy your book until the end of time.

● Printable – yes, you can even print our books off if you want a hard-copy, and they read just as well in print as they do on the screen. Many people like to make notes about what they read, and while you can do that using a reading app, like the Kindle app, when you have a printed version you can just jot a quick note for future reference and see it at a glance.

● Interactive – we ask you to provide us with feedback and comments on our books. We want your feedback so that we can connect to you on a personal level and so that we can investigate and put any concerns that you have at ease. We want you to have the best possible experience reading our eBooks, and if you don’t, we want to know about it so we can fix it.

● Cheaper – eBooks are a great deal cheaper than traditional print books, not just to produce, but for you to buy too. We like to make our book prices competitive while giving you more information and an easier way to learn than any other eBooks on the market right now. And, of course with eBooks, shipping is free!

● Flexible – not only are eBooks cheaper than traditional print books, but they are also more flexible. We can give you links to presentations, studies, YouTube videos, and any other resource from the Internet that we think will benefit you and enhance our books – you don’t get that in a print book. Sure, you might get a website address to go to, but you can’t just click on a link and go straight there. With our eBooks, you can.

● Easy to read – and understand. The long and short of it is, we produce the highest quality eBooks that are easy to read, easy to understand, and highly relevant. And, where a print book must be reprinted if the information changes, with our eBooks, we can make simple changes to the information where needed, and all you need to do is update the book – it takes seconds and costs nothing to get immediate, up to date information.
It doesn’t get any better than that!

eBooks are important, not just to us as the producers and marketers, but to you, as the customer. A valuable customer, I might add. That’s why we make it our job to give you exactly what you want – high-quality, informed, well-researched work. It takes a lot of effort to get to the publishing stage, but unlike some independent writers/publishers, we choose to put the work in, and we choose to spend the many hours it takes to give you a valuable book.

And you know what?

We’re happy to do it!

All we ask from you is that you give us your feedback and that you spread the word about our books. As long as you do that, we’ll continue to provide you a market with the most interesting and best eBooks your money can buy.

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