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The Gas Market

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This book is a simple manual that provides an introduction to how the gas market works and the opportunities that exist in it. It serves as a detailed overview of the gas industry, the market for gas products, and how you can earn from it as a player in the industry or as an investor. In this book, you will learn about the gas supply chain beginning from the exploration and production of gas to the storage, distribution, and marketing of gas products to final consumers and how to make money at each stage of the chain.

You will find in this book a simple breakdown of processes and structures in the gas industry as well as regulations and trends in market prices for some of the major markets in the world. You will also learn about how the forces of demand and supply interact in the gas market and how gas prices are set.

You will find a basic overview of the opportunities that exist in the market and how they can be tapped. While this is not a tell-it-all manual for investing in the market, the information provided in this book is sufficient enough to get you started on your journey to making big bucks in the gas market.

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