stock market Understanding Ebook
If you aren’t aware of the devastating effect the coronavirus has had on the stock market, then you must be living in a cave! The market has witnessed one of the sharpest plunges ever, and investors are unsure what to do. Do they lock into steep losses or try and profit from possibly …
Coronavirus Pandemic eBook
A lot of people can assume or predict the possible onset of a pandemic, but no-one can do anything to stop its march on the world. Whether it’s because of the late counter-measurements or lax approach to a major problem, it’s simply too hard to face an invisible threat head-on. …
Stocks gain
The stock market is the evolution of ownership as businesses started growing and becoming more globalized. It is even believed to be the most reliable modern indicator of the wellbeing of the free market in any given country. The Global stock markets have taken a few major hits in recent history …

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His Life, Work Impact

This book is aimed to provide knowledge about the man who is known for his works in the field of psychology and beyond.
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