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There's a vacancy in Compound 17. Will you trust the Forge Corporation to take care of you? Those who do must submit fully. Welcome to a world so bleak that even the cries of newborns have gone extinct.

“The Unborn” by Tayma Tameem

Society has been plunged into bleak authoritarianism following decades of drought and pollution that have left humans desperate and hungry, corporations undefeatable and wombs barren. The Forge Corporation has risen like a tower from the dust to provide refuge and safety for those who swear allegiance and full compliance. The only problem is that safety may be the most dangerous promise of all!

Relying on prisoner labor to harvest precious and rare water, Forge's compounds allow people to live peacefully underground with all of their needs meet. In the deepest chambers of the Forge Corporation is where you'll find the labs where babies grow in artificial wombs to prevent the full collapse of the human race.

Meanwhile, Forge Corporation must always be vigilant about dealing with the outliers who live in the desert. They have "strategies" to deal with those who don't comply. However, it's a different game when one of Forge's most loyal members suddenly has a reason to go rogue from the inside.

Summer Hurst didn’t see the
danger at first.
Life as a Forge employee alongside her husband provided the safety any human would dream of in a world defined by scarcity. Summer is one of the rare women able to move her way up in society to become the wife of one of “The Seven” within Forge management. A technician in one of Forge’s Birth Project womb chambers, Summer soon becomes a witness to the depravity that the Forge Corporation is carrying out under the cover of human progress.

When Summer finds herself pregnant with twins after a one-child policy has been enacted, choices will be made.

Will Summer be loyal to the corporation that she depends on for everything? Can the human spirit prevail against forces that gain their power by dehumanizing?

Rebellion and revolution are never far when the human heart fights for what it holds precious.

"The Unborn" by Tayma Tameem will keep you clutching for the next twist! Get your hands on the dystopian novel that is provoking thoughts and stirring emotions.

What Readers Are Saying for Tayma
Tameem's "The Unborn"

Read "The Unborn" series by Tayma Tameem.

1. A world so bleak the cries of babies have gone extinct. “The Unborn” by Tayma Tameem explores a ravaged world where humanity’s only hope for survival is to submit to an all-encompassing organization called Forge Corporation that controls food, water, shelter and reproduction. What would you do if the only way to save the life inside you was to resist?

2. What Did Summer Hurst Discover in the Womb Chamber of Forge Corporation? Going against the corporation means losing everything in a world where humans can only survive with food, water and shelter provided by Forge. To most, the choice would be clear. For Summer, choosing Forge means submitting to the Birth Project’s one-child policy after discovering she’s expecting twins. Read “The Unborn” series by Tayma Tameem.

3. Following worldwide infertility caused by pollution, pandemics and environmental degradation. Forge Corporation has finally found a way to repopulate the planet using artificial wombs. Have they taken it too far? Is war the only option left? Discover what the resistance has planned in “The Unborn: Super Soldiers” by Tayma Tameem. Coming soon!

4. They created super soldiers when the only goal was to save the human population from extinction. Is there a way to stop the war that’s coming? Be the first to read “The Unborn: Super Soldiers” in the Unborn series to discover how far the battle will go. Coming soon!

5. Your Perfect Baby Is Waiting, Courtesy of Forge Corporation. First, infertility put us on the brink of extinction. Then, we used science to create too many babies. Now, we’re building perfect babies. Will we ever learn? Read “The Unborn: Designer Babies” by Tayma Tameem. Coming soon!

6. The human species was on the brink of collapse until Forge Corporation found a way to grow new babies. Now, they’re marching forward to create a population of soldiers and designer people. Can disaster be stopped?

About Tayma Tameem Tayma Tameem is an author that writes the kind of stories she wants to read. She’s not looking to be the next mainstream author with predictable titles. She wants to wow you, surprise you, and make you think while you read her books. Despite living a happy—though ordinary—life, she’s always coming up with new ideas and intriguing stories. She hopes you’ll find her books to be an escape from the mundane bits of everyday life.