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Vanished (Void Series, Book 1)

Owned and published by Tayma Tameem
  • 100,000 Words

Ryan Gallager is a true family man. With a beautiful wife, a lovely four-year-old daughter and a baby boy just turning one, he faces the challenge of confronting his wife with the reality that he lost his job.

That major hurdle soon takes the backseat when his family’s life is turned upside down. Their one-year-old baby disappears from his crib, nowhere to be found. And just like that, the night of the baby’s birthday becomes a night they all try to heal from.

Sally Gallager is a beautiful young woman with an amazing husband and two wonderful children. While she battles anxiety and mood swings, she appreciates the presence of her husband in her life. He always takes care of her and the kids, making sure she doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

As she tries to be the best mother for her children, Sally constantly strives for a tidy home and a clean environment. With her baby’s incessant crying and haphazard sleeping patterns, she is constantly tired. Constantly trying.

When her boy disappears from his crib on the night of his first birthday, hell breaks loose as she tried to hold on to the last threads of sanity in her mind, while attempting to maintain a semblance of normalcy for her oblivious four-year-old daughter.

Alan Banks is a hardworking detective who never left a case open. He learned, early on, that every doubt is valid, and anyone could be a suspect. This school of thought is what led him to become the successful asset that he is to the force, and the pride of the precinct.

When faced with the puzzling case of the Gallager baby disappearance, Alan doesn’t leave a stone unturned. He goes to great lengths to uncover the truth behind the mystery.

But will baby Gallager be found before it’s too late?

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