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The Real Pocahontas

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The Real Pocahontas, Fact vs. Fiction, does exactly what the title suggests. It uses new information to tell the story of Pocahontas based on the oral history that has been passed down for 400 years by her people. It also examines the different representations that film and documentaries have portrayed in the past. She has been the subject of numerous books, some factually correct and others that have no basis in fact. Discover the true facts behind the main protagonists of the time:

1) Captain John Smith: Was he a romantic figure who turned a young girl’s head or an arrogant, boastful man who used his connection to Pocahontas as a tool to sell his books? Was Pocahontas really responsible for saving his life on two different occasions, or did he embellish the tale to suit the story?

2) Chief Powhatan: Was he a loving father who cherished his daughter or a warrior chief who cared more about weapons than his own daughters’ safety? Should he be remembered as a leader that helped the colonists in dire times or a weak man who was influenced by Smith and his cronies?

3) John Rolfe: Was he the real love interest for Pocahontas or merely a man who wished to profit from their union? Did he have any real feelings for her, or did he just use her to improve relations with the tobacco growers of the time?

There is no doubt that the early colonists were met with a barrage of emotions as they landed in the Brave New World. Native Americans also had to face new experiences and challenges. Whatever your take on the story, it is an epic tale that transports you back to a period of history that shaped a nation.

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