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Superbugs: The Complete Series

Owned and published by Tayma Tameem
  • 300,000 Words

Superbugs (Book 1, Superbugs Series)

Imagine a world devoid of compassion – a world in which even babies are threatened by the brutality of unrepentant monsters, snatching them from their mothers to be medically experimented on.

This is the world in 2090.

The future is not friendly. Rife with violence, quarantines, and Precautions from the rolling pandemics that keep people in an eternal state of fear and suspicion, where you live is no longer a matter of choice but of government assignment.

Once citizens, the people are now called “residents.” There is no commerce. There are no public gatherings. There is no respite from a world gone mad.

This is the world of Lily Brayburn, who leads a government-mandated residential building, charged with the care of the people who live there. Her parents having disappeared without a trace, she’s alone in the world, except for these people.

And not all the residents in Lily’s plant are her friends. One of them has set his sights on her leadership
And it’s dangerous out there. Military/police, trained in abusive methods of crowd control, are on every block, ready to punish and detain – especially the homeless, now used by the government as virus cure crash test dummies.

But not everyone is complacent.

People like Lily are losing patience with the government’s machinations, and as uprisings explode all over the planet, they’ve started to come out of the shadows. Those shadows are long.
A shadow government, led by the richest family in the world, seats former dictators and reprobate thugs around its Council table. But the rich are rarely satisfied. Plots abound. Everybody wants to sit in the chair at the head of the table.

Then, a pregnant girl finds her way into Lily’s residential plant during a massacre in the street outside, and everything changes.

In 2090, you need to be smart. You need to be quick.

Or you’ll be snatched and never seen again.

Dawn Of Freedom (Book 2, Superbugs Series)

The residents are locked in their plant’s panic room, waiting for the right moment to strike out, leaving the life of the residential plant behind.  Following the attack by Faulkner and his crew, the team of sharpshooters has kept military police at bay and the residents in the panic room informed.  Now, they have no choice but to make a break for freedom, far from the tentacles of government.

Clarke has changed the game.  His connections to the Resistance are the plant’s ticket to a parallel world, a world that threatens the tenuous structures of the Pandemic Era.  Beyond the city limits lies both freedom and the anarchic rule of cure-finding crews and Cannibal Gangs.  But with Clarke’s help, the residents mean to make their way to the Resistance.

The world has suddenly shifted on its axis, with the murder of Gloria Van Leuven.  Now in control of the government, Lupita Loera and the Sinaloa cartel begin to pursue their vision of a society built on Sinaloa family values.  Using the promise of superior food, days at the park and small business development. Lupita deploys the wiles of her ancestor, El Chapo, to gain the love of the people.

But the Van Leuvens won’t be taking Sinaloa’s aggression lying down.  There will be blood – perhaps not shed by the intended target.

The Pandemic Era has reached a crucial crossroads.  The government and its proxies at Novel Corporation face not only the challenge of a shifting power dynamic but that of a people grown tired of confinement, waiting for improved living conditions that never come.

In the second volume of the Superbugs series, the constructs of the Pandemic Era begin to crumble as titans battle for primacy and residents, so long neglected by the dysfunctional government, slowly discover the truth well outside their carceral comfort zones.

Coming Soon (Book 3, Superbugs Series)

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