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The Stolen Heir (Book 1, The Stolen Heir Series)

Owned and published by Tayma Tameem

Book 2, Descent Into Darkness Available Now

After generations of peace, war rolls over the lands of Thumeria and Paleria.

Two decades have passed since war broke out between the two Kingdoms. No one but the royals knows the real reason for the war, but casualties have been high and both kingdoms are suffering.

Erik, an eighteen-year-old orphan, lost his parents to the war. Now a street kid, he vows to get revenge on those that stole his parents—and his whole life—from him.

Little does he know he’s about to find out why the war has been raging…

and that it’s all his fault.

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3 reviews for The Stolen Heir (Book 1, The Stolen Heir Series)

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