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Mirrored Worlds: The Complete Series

Owned and published by Tayma Tameem
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Mirrored Worlds (Book 1, Mirrored Worlds Series)

Even the lightest of breezes, the flap of a butterfly’s wings, can ripple and grow to form the most destructive of earthquakes. So too can even the smallest of events change the course of humanity’s history. When the Gift landed and blessed the Earth with powerful Magicks, humanity was changed forever. Mountains rose and fell, strange creatures spawned in the world’s darkest forests and jungles, and people’s faces changed as they were imbued with the power of magic. But that was only one side of the story. When humanity discovered the Mirror, an ancient artifact that revealed the presence of a world growing parallel to theirs, they discovered an even greater disturbance to their future than the monsters prowling their woods: the threat of their world’s complete collapse

A child, lacking magic of any kind, was born in the depths of the Federation, an oppressive and terrible nation waging war on all its neighbors without restraint and restricting its own people from using their magic to assist their daily lives. It is into this deadly environment that Lila, Graute, and Battleaxe travel on a deadly mission to find the odd child that is the cause of earthquakes and terrible thunderstorms and bring him back to his own world using the power of the Mirror. However, rarely are matters so simple, and the trio has to battle all sorts of forces and jump all kinds of hurdles just to try to find this child, causing them to embark on a journey of epic proportions.

Liberation Wars (Book 2, Mirrored Worlds Series)

With the team captured by the Federation and their mission failed, our heroes must find a way to escape so they can retrieve the child and save Reath from destruction. King Solan of Opar threatens the Nation with war, claiming the act of sending a team to kidnap a local child was an act of war. Tensions rise between both countries, and each prepares for the possibility of a bloody war.

Lila, Graute, Battleaxe, and Catin must work together to join with the Massak, the world’s only hope of recovering the child. However, the Massak has other plans in mind. With the King and his armies occupied with the upcoming war, an opportunity presents itself. The Massak will start a rebellion from within Opar, one that they hope would end King Solan’s tyrannical reign.

Read on to find out how Lila and her team struggle to find the child once again while also joining forces with the Massak in an attempt to undermine the Federation from within, thus giving their country a fighting chance in the war to come.

Coming Soon (Book 3, Mirrored Worlds Series)

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