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Jumpstart Your Quarantine

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We are living in unprecedented times, and nobody knows when the world will return to “normal”. You can mope around the home and bemoan your bad luck, or you can use the time you have been given to improve yourself! Have you read any good books lately? Try the handy list of must-read books in part one and discover the joy of reading.

Have you been inspired by your reading? What about trying your hand at writing? We all have the mechanics of writing, but we often struggle with the actual act. Try the interesting writing exercises in part two to improve your inner author! You may not become the next Stephen King, but you could improve your vocabulary at the very least.

If music is your passion and you have always wanted to compose, you may feel held back by the lack of equipment you own. However, if you have a computer and a soundboard, you could be creating sweet music in minutes.

Crafts and upcycling are alright on television, but have you ever thought of doing it yourself? If not, then why not? Jump in and find the perfect project for your skillset!

Food. We all need it. We all have different thoughts about it. Isolation will find many people wandering into the kitchen for the first time tasked with the job of preparing food from meager ingredients. This book will tell you how to feed yourself and your family from the most basic ingredients.

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