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Honesty is Key Series

Owned and published by Tayma Tameem
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The Magic Ingredient (Honesty is Key, Book 1)

An actor lies about being a home-taught culinary expert to land a role in a show.

His role?

A chef.

Now he’s in trouble; he’s such a terrible cook he could burn water. How the heck is he supposed to pretend to be an expert chef in front of millions? With Google is how! Too bad googling doesn’t teach him technique: on day one he drops a bag of flour, dusting the whole set and the producer isn’t happy. Especially, since that was the least disruptive thing he did!

No Stirring Necessary (Honesty is Key, Book 2)

No Stirring Necessary is the second book in a series of books about Atlas Franklin. When Atlas is offered an opportunity to host a live cooking program, he accepts, even though he cannot boil an egg. It is a diversion from his once successful acting career, which now seems to be lying dormant.

To stay within the public eye, Atlas pretends that he is a professional chef, and the producer, an attractive woman named Selina, thinks that she might have found the winning recipe for an excellent new series of programs. Atlas is a handsome, and charismatic individual who soon holds an appreciative audience in his hands.

A string of catastrophes befall the show, but this only adds to the enthusiastic reception of the loyal audience. They cannot get enough of Atlas making a fool of himself, and he decides to go with the flow. But Atlas is not as stupid as he allows people to believe, and he uses that to his advantage.

It doesn’t take long before he falls in love with Selina, and his affection for her increases along with his dissatisfaction with the show. It doesn’t challenge him anymore. Selina is desperate to keep him on the show, and he doesn’t want to risk losing her altogether by declaring his love for her. So, he keeps quiet.

To keep him occupied, he explores various hobbies, which he hopes will capture his interest and fill his life more profitably. But is that enough to satisfy him emotionally? He can only keep trying, hoping that the next one he tries will be the one.

Meant to Be (Honesty is Key, Book 3)

Meant to Be is the third book of a trilogy following the escapades of an actor, Atlas Franklin, who professes to be an excellent cook so he can land the part of host in a new show about cooking. It was the producer of the show, Selina, who spotted him on a late-night talk show saying how good he was at cooking, and she gets in touch with him, inviting him for a chat.

He agrees. He’s got nothing to lose. His acting career seems to be taking a snooze for the time being, and Atlas is sure that he can get away with it and fool Selina into believing how brilliant he is. He also notices that Selina is rather tasty, and his admiration for her rapidly begins to develop into love. But how can he tell his boss that he’s in love with her? It’s just not ethical and would spoil their working relationship.

Selina is not immune to Atlas’s charms, and though he turns out to be a total failure at cooking, his charm assures that the public will fall in love with him. Selina realizes that she is onto a good thing and keeps persuading him to sign up for another season. What Atlas isn’t sure of is whether Selina loves him too.

She is loath to lose him but wishes that he would get his act together and just declare himself. If she didn’t sign him up for another season, would he just walk away? The couple finds themselves at a crossroads, but both in love with the other and too afraid to test the water.

The book follows Atlas on a hilarious journey through his chaotic life, trying to make sense of the many mishaps that befall him, and get the girl in the end. Will he manage to do it?

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