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Owned and published by Tayma Tameem

After mysteriously surviving the day the Fire Kingdom burnt to the ground, Ember finds herself in a thatched hut with a peasant family and without recollection of anything beyond the moment she woke up. But, despite her lack of memory, she believes them when they tell her she is their daughter.

While the Elders continue their search for Briny, Ember tries her best to fit in and survive the treacherous world of the Water Kingdom peasants under the guidance of her new family; Brook, Kelp’s old nanny, and her husband, Dimitrius.

As she grows up, people from her previous life make their way to her and lead her down roads where she starts gradually unlocking her memories until the whole reel unspools. Ember eventually realizes that she is a part of things that extend far beyond the water fields and even the Fire Kingdom itself.

The greatest war of all is on the brink.

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