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Burnout Understood

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Do you feel overwhelmed? Does it seem like no matter what you do, you can’t reach your goals? Did you once enjoy your job but now you can’t stand going to work? Do you find excuses to stay at home? Most importantly, are you feeling exhausted – emotionally, physically, and psychologically?

Do you know that all of these are just the basic signs that show you are suffering from burnout syndrome? YES, burnout is very real, and more and more people are suffering from it. It is not depression, and it is not just stress, it is a lot more. That is why you need to understand what burnout is and how it can affect your professional and personal life.

Get this book today and learn the truth behind burnout and why it is finally considered as a medical condition. You will learn the causes, stages, and types of burnout. With this knowledge, it will be easier to fight burnout. Aside from learning the important things about burnout, you will get the most proven ways to fight it and learn how to become immune to burnout. Yes, you can become immune, but only if you start working on yourself now.

With a book like this one, it will be very easy. You have everything you need; just follow the advice, steps, and be patient.

In this book:
– What is burnout?
– The Cause
– Types of burnout and stages
– Signs and symptoms
– The most proven ways to win the fight
– Emotional Intelligence as the permanent solution and to become immune to Burnout

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