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Descent Into Darkness (Book 2, The Stolen Heir Series)

Owned and published by Tayma Tameem
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The long war is over in Krasoria, but peace is still a stranger in the Kingdoms of Thumeria and Paleria. King Caligon now reigns in Thumeria, with influence on Paleria as well, imbued with dark magical powers that made him unstoppable. In Paleria, Princesses Auralia and Maloria struggle to cope with their new reality as prisoners of their brother, who is now a pawn of King Caligon.

Meanwhile, Erik trains. With the help of the Mage Jeofrn, the stolen heir tries to learn the secrets of the world of magic so he can stand up to the evil of his uncle and save Krasoria from a dark fate. They have to do it while on the run, though, hunted by Caligon’s assassins and dark elves from a world beyond Krasoria. Meanwhile, recovering from the attempt on his life, Jumen despairs and loses all will to live until he meets a stranger that might bring him closer to his long-lost son.

The forces of light come together to stand up to the evil of Caligon, led by Erik, whose powers are only growing. Can they triumph in the ultimate battle for not just their lives but also for the souls of Krasoria and all the innocent people who dwell there?

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