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Seven Realms (Book 1, Seven Realms Series)

Owned and published by Tayma Tameem

The realm of Teralfa is home to many races, but it is under the rule of just one –– the Mages. Using their ruthless Arm soldiers and their dark magical powers, the Mages spread their control over all the lands, wreaking havoc and enslaving millions across all eight realms; those who resist are destroyed. Seven heroes seemingly with not much in common are on the path to fight the tyranny of the superior race, bound by fate, history, and magic crystals passed down through generations, but they don’t know it yet. They will have to go against not just the only race with magical powers across all realms and their soldiers, but also demons springing out of a relentless abyss called the Unknown, which corrupts and poisons the hearts of men and women and is in league with the Mages.

Unexpected demon attacks and relentless hounding by The Arm soldiers await our heroes as their destiny unfolds before their eyes. The fate of the realms and the races within them depends on it, but can the seven mixed-race heroes stop the spread of darkness and bring back peace and order to the world?

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1 review for Seven Realms (Book 1, Seven Realms Series)

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